Our Farm

Mountain High Farms is committed to crafting higher standards in everything they do. No chemical fertilizers are ever used, only top dressings made from organic and natural ingredients are applied to provide vital micronutrients and create living soil.

Decades of Experience and Sharing Knowledge

A renowned and respected cultivator, Dave has been cultivating cannabis in Mendocino County since the 1970s. Since his very first experiment growing a few lone seeds in the pygmy forest, Dave has trained more than 20 apprentices who have since branched out to begin their own operations. Therefore, his technique and expertise extend far beyond the Round Valley, yet his focus remains on six high-county parcels.

For the past decade, Dave and Lynn have implemented sustainable farming principles on the family-operated facility overlooking the middle fork of the Eel River. A solar array enables Mountain High Farms minimize its environmental footprint, and the remote location prevents any negative impacts from nearby industrial farmland.

Focused on Optimum Plant Health

In fact, there is nothing commercial about Mountain High Farms – not even the strains. Over the years, Dave has created many of his own genetics, breeding strains that respond to the unique terroir of the eastern Mendocino County farm. While bred for unpredictable weather, some strains have achieved unsuspecting potencies – testing at 26% THC content.

The secret? Optimum plant health.

Four decades of cultivation experience has given Dave the innate ability to tell if a plant is stressed before displays physical signs, allowing him to provide any extra care needed for the crop to flourish. The farm’s high elevation reduces the risk of mold and makes it easier to dry the exclusive strains. A climate-controlled storage area ensures each bud is dried and cured to perfection, with the refrigeration preserving ultimate freshness. As a result, Mountain High Farms cultivates some of the highest-quality cannabis produced in California’s revered Emerald Triangle.

Dave and Lynn take great pride in the county in which they were born and raised. As stewards of the land, they are committed to ensuring Mountain High Farms remains a thriving staple in Mendocino County, offering premium sun-grown flowers through sustainable practices to restore the ecosystem for decades to come.