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Sweet Pea
Mystery Clone x Covelo Moss
Lug Nutz
Cherry Kush x Black Lime ReservE x Covelo Moss
White Rock

White Rock x Covelo Moss


Perched 4,000 feet high above the rolling hillside east of Covelo, Mountain High Farms remains deeply rooted in the county from which it sprouted. Mendocino County natives Dave and Lynn cultivate sun-grown cannabis from seed in the clean, crisp air and nourishing sunshine. The high-altitude property features low humidity levels and remains warm at night, creating the ideal environment for the genetics bred onsite. Mountain High Farms is committed to crafting higher standards in everything they do. No chemical fertilizers are ever used, only top dressings made from organic and natural ingredients are applied to provide vital micronutrients and create living soil.


Dave has been farming cannabis in Mendocino County since the 1970s, a renowned and respected cultivator he has trained more than 20 apprentices who have since branched out to begin their own operations. His techniques and expertise extend far beyond the Round Valley, yet his focus remains on six high-county parcels. For the past decade, Dave and Lynn have implemented sustainable farming principles on the family-operated facility overlooking the middle fork of the Eel River. A solar array enables Mountain High Farms minimize its environmental footprint, and the remote location prevents any negative impacts from nearby industrial farmland.

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